Taylor Swift’s last album, 1989, marked her official crossover from country music to pop music, cementing her status as one of the most successful pop stars alive. Now, Taylor has broken her social media silence with the release of two singles from her upcoming album, Reputation. Her new music came as a shock to many as she shed her old persona for an entirely fresh sound – and people still aren’t sure how they feel about it.

Leading up to the release of her first single, Taylor broke her social media hiatus by deleting everything off of her accounts on all platforms. She then released a series of clips showing a snake about to attack, leading fans to guess that her new album would be her retaliation against the Internet drama that ensued between Kanye West, Kim Kardashian-West, and herself in 2016. (Side note: for those who weren’t aware, people began siding with the Wests during the feud after Kim provided receipts of a conversation that Taylor had previously denied ever happening. Taylor was berated and called a snake by thousands of online spectators, who subsequently flooded her social media pages with the snake emoji.) After reclaiming the symbol of the snake as her own in 2017, people predicted that Taylor was about to come back at her opponents in what was predicted to be the greatest diss track of the year.

Taylor did not disappoint. She released her first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” in the form of a lyric video, which trended overnight and had millions of views by morning. Quickly followed by an extravagant music video, Taylor’s departure from her 1989 vibes to an entirely new sound produced a frenzy of mixed reactions. While many listeners found the song extremely catchy and an admirable clap back to the 2016 drama, other long-time fans of Taylor Swift were not fond of the song’s repetitive beat, creepy vibe, and negative message regarding her social media feud. The music video, which features a number of expensive costumes, sets, and (of course) snakes, also received mixed reactions. While some found the video to be highly creative and an exciting change from Taylor’s good-girl image to something more rebellious, others thought that the video was over-the-top and that Taylor was trying too hard to create an image of someone who isn’t really herself to appear more “tough.”

Less than two weeks after this monumental premiere, Taylor released the second single from Reputation, titled “…Ready For It?” This song was better received by audiences, with lyrics similar to songs like “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Taylor assured her fans that she would still be writing songs about her past romances, yet she stuck to her new theme of surprising people with verses that include rapping, electronic sounds and heavy beats, which are uncharacteristically Taylor. But as Taylor dramatically declares in “Look What You Made Me Do,” the old Taylor is officially dead. While many aren’t ready to say goodbye to the era of Taylor Swift that we all know and love, others have gotten past the stages of mourning and are ready to see what the newly birthed Taylor is about to bring to the pop music scene. Her new album reputation, which debuts on November 10th, has already promised to be nothing like we expect from Taylor, and it is bound to turn the world upside down yet again.

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