Leaves are falling, the air is chilly, and finally there are some new exciting shows to watch this autumn! Cozy up with a warm blanket, a cup of tea and your TV remote, because fall is the perfect time to catch up with your favorite shows and start some new ones as well.


The Mayor

The Mayor follows Brandon Michael Hall as Courtney Rose, a rapper who runs for office to generate interest in his music career. After winning the election, Rose has to deal with the unexpected responsibilities that come with being the mayor of his hometown. The show also stars Lea Michele, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Bernard David Jones. Catch the premiere of this brand new series on October 3rd on ABC.


The Good Doctor

Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore, plays a gifted surgeon with autism and savant syndrome on The Good Doctor. Despite his colleagues’ doubts and his difficulty connecting with the outside world, he uses his talents to save countless lives and defy all expectations. This medical-drama draws its inspirations from the South Korean series of the same name, putting an American spin on the story and planning to develop the characters in a way to better expand the show’s plot. This new series premieres on September 25th on ABC.


Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy may be on its fourteenth season, but it hasn’t slowed down one bit! This fast-paced drama centers on the lives of the surgeons and surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital, particularly Meredith Grey, hopeful surgeon who has to overcome a series of challenges through her job and her personal life to prove herself. With constant drama, relationships between the hospital staff, and patients that will bring on the waterworks, there is never a dry eye or a dry moment in this show that has continued to deliver since its premiere in 2005. Tune in to the fourteenth season premiere on September 28th on ABC.


The Good Place

The Good Place, starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, focuses on where we go after we die and what it means to be genuinely good. Eleanor (Bell) finds herself at the Good Place after she dies, a place reserved for those that have dedicated their lives to being kind and thoughtful, though she is none of those things. She tries to hide her fraud from Michael (Danson), one of the architects that designed this utopia for her. Watch as Eleanor battles her conscience while interacting with the other characters who reside in the “Good Place.” Season two premieres on Wednesday, September 20th on NBC.


Mr. Robot


Season three of the Emmy award-winning Mr. Robot, The show follows computer engineer/hacker for justice Elliot Alderson, played by Rami Malek. Elliot joins a clan of “hacktivists” who plan to overthrow E Corp, the world’s largest multi-industry corporation. Recruited by the insurrectionary “Mr. Robot” (Christian Slater), Elliot tries to keep up with the his vision of justice during an anarchic revolution, all while suffering from depression and social anxiety disorder. Don’t miss the season premiere on October 11th on USA.



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