Gatorade Week, in all it’s glory, came to the Upper Merion High School on August 30th in the large gym. You may have seen one of the G-week posters floating around D wing, or the giant Gatorade banner strung across the hallway by the trainers, tempting students to attend an event to inform us about the proper nutrition needed for athletes. It would teach us the importance of hydration before, during, and after working out, but most importantly and certainly unforgettable, G-week brought us free Gatorade products. And who doesn’t like free things? So in memory of this iconic event consisting of free samples and the importance of nutrition, the happenings of Gatorade week will be relived here.

The event was, “Pretty rad dude” according to Jessica Bowe, a Senior on the Cross Country team who attended G-week. She recalled how a guest speaker during the Gatorade Week assembly discussed with those who attended the event how Gatorade’s products had affected his value of nutrition and hydration. This guest speaker was a key component in spreading the message about what Gatorade week aimed to spread: how to properly maintain a healthy diet while participating in a fall sport.

While the Guest speaker’s words were significantly influential in the setting the stage of Gatorade Week’s purpose, the free snack samples are what truly brought G-week it’s success. Each sample snack claimed to boost the energy of the consumer to prepare or recover from training. Students rushed over to the boxes of goods as soon as they were revealed to the athletes after the assembly. Our trainers, however, handed out more gifted samples of Gatorade energy chews, power bars, protein shakes, and energy drinks to each athlete and team following the initial G-week gathering. Athletes received most of these snacks, especially the protein shakes, around

One of the best parts of Gatorade week was the timing the event happened to fall in relation to school. G-week just had happened to take place a few days after school had started, a prime time to remind students about eating healthy and preserving their energy. After getting adjusted to the abundance of sleep during the summer, athletes could take advantage of the Gatorade samples and use them to adjust to the fatigue and unhealthy eating occurring at the start up of school.

Sadly, even though we all wish it wouldn’t, Gatorade week ended, along with the supply of free Gatorade snacks. Though, Upper Merion’s fall season athletes will all remember the joy that came with our free G-week snacks and healthy eating opportunities, we can only hope that the next fall season will bring the event back with it. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the free snacks while they lasted and will never forget Gatorade Week!


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