For the second consecutive year, the unsuspecting, and thoroughly unprepared city of Montreal played home base for Canadian skate company/collective (powerhouse!) DIME MTL’s “Glory Challenge”, a sponsored spoof on the Olympics, featuring somewhat heinous, and certainly questionable events in a Gladiator like setting; what followed was beyond the minds, and the viewers all involved.

Unlike the previous year, Dime’s second gathering drew a prodigious crowd, bringing in a massive sponsorship from Thrasher Magazine, and an extremely successful collaboration with DC Shoe Co’s pro-team. With major money on the line, each category paying off 25k for the winner(s), plus an extra 10k for the MVP award, Dime was sure to put on one hell of a show; they did not let anyone down, to say the least.

The contest started off with a bang, literally, using the “Volcano Challenge” as its subtle opener.  Now, what in the world is a Volcano Challenge?…  Simple, two launch ramps, starting at ten (10) feet apart, with massive flames blasting in the middle of the two, amplifying the danger, and ultimately the Glory of the said challenge.  European powerhouse Yuri Facchini took full advantage of these stakes, laying down a world record setting Eighteen (18) foot kickflip for the win.

Next came the “Gladiator Challenge”.  The concept?.. five (5) skaters must move around a waxed circular platform hovering above a foam pit, without touching the ground they must try to remain on their board(s) while attempting to knock their fellow competitors off of the platform, (yeah, go ahead, try and picture that).  Naïve New-Yorker and east-coast-extraordinaire Josh Wilson took home the gold in this category, and a check for 25k.

After a full day of poor decision making, 7 heated events, and reckless street antics, (the DC team stole a massive All State billboard sign, yes, they stole a billboard sign, the whole, entire, sign), it was time for day two, and the much anticipated main event… a high tension “Game of Skate” between lordly Brazilian Boardman Tiago Lemos, and his rival, former champion and now retired, pro superstar Wade Desarmo.  For those who are unsure, a “Game of Skate” is based on the traditional “Game of Horse” in basketball, opponents attempt tricks, when landed the defensive skater must land the trick or receive a letter, first one to receive all five (5) letters and spell out “S-K-A-T-E” (SKATE) loses.  

All eyes were on Tiago, with his unmatched technical abilities and deep bag of tricks he was certain to beat Ol’ Wade D’s battered legs.  But like everything else at this year’s “Glory Challenge” we weren’t prepared for what was to come.  

With surgical precision, and the power of every Greek God behind him, Wade stomped down five (5) consecutives tricks, stomping out Tiago, and spelling out SKATE.

Like many, my jaw dropped, Ol’ Craggily bones beat the Brazilian Beast in his own game, with his own signature tricks; I guess we really should respect our elders.

This year’s “Glory Challenge” was even crazier than the year before, leaving me even more excited, and worried, for next year.  365 days should leave enough time for Canada to re-up on Pilsner’s, and clean up the mess left by these savage, skateboard riding freaks of nature.  

Like Ol’ Craggily Wade D would say, “Guts, Glory, DIME… EH!”


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