Homecoming 2017 was certainly one for the books. Between court, football, and the dozens of fun activities offered Upper Merion spirit came out in full force. Another senior spirit week victory reigned despite a disappointing school wide defeat in the tug of war by the freshmen class. The members of homecoming court later took to the dance in order to celebrate a great end to an even greater week. Despite a rough defeat from the football team, the entirety of Upper Merion still came out to show their spirit!
It proved to be a very exciting spirit week for Upper Merion as countless students could be seen wandering the halls each day showing their class pride. A sleepy start for Monday had a crowd favorite, pajama day. Tuesday was a new spirit, tourist tuesday turned out to be quite a hit. The week got off to a good start and only seemed to get better as the next few spirits were all classic favorites, wacky wednesday and throwback thursday were both well received as always. Finally wrapping up the spirits on Friday all students were encouraged to wear blue and gold in order to rep their class spirit for the pep rally.
On Wednesday the senior class put on the 2017 Powderpuff football game. Boys and Girls from the senior class all came out in order to have participate in a night of reversal. Senior girls trained for and played a football game, with the victory ultimately going to the Gold Team, and boys put on a cheerleading performance that would not soon be forgotten. Even the marching band got in on the fun as it’s members cross dressed for the night. Thursday night students participated in Activity night. Teams went head to head in order to see which class would thrive when put to the test. Activity night included a series of fun and silly games that has everything from relays to balloon popping competitions. Each team fought hard for their victory and it turned out to be a super fun night all around.
Homecoming court was as exciting as ever with both junior and senior participants showing their creativity with a new round of skits following the television theme. All the skits went above and beyond in creativity and performance, however there were a few standouts. Grace Donahue, a junior, did a skit inspired by “Kim Possible”, which was a great callback to the classic Disney show. Several other Disney favorites were featured, notably Jonathan Eyer’s, a senior, reference to “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and Katelyn Barr’s, also a senior, version of “Phineas and Ferb.” All the skits were super fun and an exciting addition to the pep rally.
After the festivities of the pep rally, Upper Merion had an exciting game against PJP that- sadly yet unsurprisingly- ended in a crushing home defeat of 35-0. Highlights of the night include the half time show performed by the Upper Merion Marching Vikings and the announcement of homecoming queen. The previous years king and queen both came back in order to crown Kelly Burns for the 2017 season! The whole court was introduced and countless students came out to show their support for the team.
The fantastic week was wrapped up by the homecoming dance on Saturday. Students came out in order to wrap up the festivities and celebrate the crowning of homecoming king, which went to Nebiyou Elias. Homecoming week was ended on a high note with the student body coming out to dance together and recognize the school wide spirit of the 2017-2018 year.


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