Homecoming week was definitely a blast! It’s one of those school events that really sparks the school spirit, even amongst students who don’t generally showcase it.

One of the highlights of homecoming week is the annual PowderPuff Football game. In case you don’t know what PowderPuff is, it’s pretty simple. Participating senior girls split into two football teams (Blue and Gold) and have practices leading up to their PowderPuff game. During this game, the two teams play against each other. With the girls playing football, the guys take cheerleading. They cheer along the sidelines and even during the game’s halftime. With these “reversed roles,” PowderPuff proves to be quite fun.

Many senior girls participated in PowderPuff this year, with each team having around 40 girls. The Gold team ended up winning the game, but both teams put in great effort. Those on the teams seemed to have a great time, whether they were actively participating in the game or cheering their teammates on from the side. Caroline Herrick notes that “getting to dance and cheer on the sidelines” with her friends as her favorite part of Powderpuff. Ashley Hankin states Powderpuff as “a fun activity that senior girls got to be a part of” and also noted that the game “made homecoming week even more special” and kept her “pumped for the rest of the week.”

The senior guys who participated as cheerleaders in the PowderPuff also had loads of fun. Their halftime show featured a medley of popular songs and phrases paired with lots of cartwheels and twerking. The guys clearly showed their enthusiasm for cheerleading during their show, as well as on the sidelines. Schuait Nair regarded “practicing to be a flyer” despite being “super ticklish” as his favorite aspect of being a PowderPuff cheerleader. Upon reflecting on his experience as a cheerleader, Kevin Tuok noted “being able to bring an immense amount of spirit to the powderpuff game, riling up the crowd and cheering for both teams” as his favorite parts.

A unique aspect of the PowderPuff game was the relaxed atmosphere. This relaxed atmosphere was a contrast to the intense atmosphere surrounded by the football games played by Upper Merion’s football team. And it makes sense too because the other football games’ wins and losses contribute to further games, while the PowderPuff game happens once a school year and mainly for entertainment. The relaxed atmosphere does make it easier to enjoy the game and allows the spectators to cheer both teams on.

There was a decent turn out at the game this year as well, which is great for encouraging the seniors who put time and effort into practicing their plays on the field or their routines for the sidelines. The crowd, as well as the band that came to the game, made an effort to show their support for those playing and performing. The seniors deserve the support and attention, especially since many of them stepped out of their comfort levels to participate in football or cheerleading! If you weren’t able to make it this year, I highly recommend you make an effort to come next year. It’ll be worth it!


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