In The Silence of Night
Aleks Niemiec

Check the cribs and your bed,
None are safe as night falls.
Check corners in the dark
Before sweet sleep takes over.
They hide amongst books and stones,
Fooling with treasures unknown.

Creeping, crawling, singing, hearing,
Demons from hell come dance with me!
Spinning, dancing, tapping, taking,
Demons from hell come play with me!

Hide now children!
They have arrived.
Climbing from pits aflame,
A calling of evildoers,
Serenading sweet, blinded nymphs.

Hush now! Be silent!
The moon has awakened.

Follow the Black Cat into the Pumpkin Patch
Ayana Deval

There’s a black cat calling out.
He lingers for hours at a time,
Pushing Time onto its heels
Until the rushing winds billow and blow,
Screaming cheers. Wanting to play.
“Come! Come and enjoy the day!”

His gaze is always ever stuck ahead
As he dares and another steps further,
Bringing baleful joy to the world.
The small dark figure sways in and out of picture,
Blending with the shadows of day into night,
Or night into day.
I swear, there’s a black cat calling out.

Find the large orange mischiefs and hide.
Get lost in the snaking vines that smile sometimes.
Create weird and fun and never leave this place.
Come and find a world of mystical wonders,
There’s a funny fellow waiting for you in this space.
The black cat continues to cry out.

Beyond the gates and into the field,
A small patch waiting to see all who wander.
The hidden secrets among the moving shadows,
And flickering lights show times of jubilee.
Why don’t you take a stroll tonight,
And follow the black cat into the pumpkin patch?

The Beast
Kayla Arties

Heavenly stars freckle the beast’s features.
Heavenly stars by the thousand.
Cast on his sinful cheeks,
Dusted with temptation.
The beast disguises himself.

Dare you wander through the darkness?
Dare you lose yourself to the stars?
The beast feeds on naivety,
The beast feeds on the youthful.

Beautiful, they say.
Peaceful, they say.
The beast is far from that.
The beast isn’t as gentle as he seems.

Halloween​ ​Limericks​
Razeen Akbar

Skeletons, vampires, and fright.
Trick-or-treaters, what a sight.
Zombies, undead.
Spiders weave a fine thread,
Zombies wrapped up so tight.

Pumpkins that beam and glow,
Beings that move to and fro.
Witches that brew,
A cauldron-based stew,
As if to perform a show.

Werewolves howl at the moon,
A clown with a red balloon,
Black cats that roam,
Ghosts that haunt you at home,
All to an ominous tune.


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