Exciting news! NBC’s Saturday Night Live kicked off their new season on September 30, 2017, and with the success of last year’s season, fans are stoked to see what the writers and actors have in store. Season 42 was not only the most viewed season in 23 years, but also won nine Emmy Awards for the year of 2017. Viewers might be wondering what content the cast is going to produce this upcoming season to compare with the success of last season’s, and what made the 42nd so successful.

One of the largest attributions to the high amount of views was the 2016 Presidential Campaign. This campaign gave guest members Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy chances to practice their spot-on interpretations of Donald Trump and Sean Spicer, which audiences got a kick out of, as well as cast member Kate Mckinnon playing Hillary Clinton. The viewer count for the season was an average of 7.5 million on its live shows Saturday night, but in total had around 10.8 million counting the people who watched it within a week of it airing on television. The show’s last most-watched season comparable to the 42nd was not since 1993-94. The writers of SNL started off the season well right off the bat with the “Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open” skit, which was often mentioned on many news outlets. Although many skits attacked Donald Trump and were putting the show at risk of losing their popularity after he won the election, SNL continued to pull in viewers with their members’ doing imitations of his administration, such as Sean Spicer played by Melissa McCarthy.

While there were other aspects of SNL’s success last season, the presidential campaign was by far the largest one. To continue the trend of success, SNL still always plans to have skits about the political situation and Trump’s administration, as well as planning to hire more writers to expand the writing talent. The new hired writers include Sam Jay, Gary Richardson, Erik Marino, Andrew Dismukes, Steven Castillo, Claire Friedman and Nimesh Patel. The show is also always trying to make the producers be inclusive and have more diverse talent in terms of writers, cast, and guest members. With the success of last season, SNL has great potential to continue with similar success into a new season, one with the same iconic cast and writing talent.


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