Nuclear weapons have really been in the spotlight lately and ever since the Trump administration took over, it has been unavoidable. North Korea being the United States’ worst rival has now been even more focused on comparing their military to the US and even proclaims that it is better. North Korea as we all know has been testing nuclear weapons in hope that one day they would make one that would reach the US. Our rival has been testing a new weapon lately and the last weapon they tested was on September 3, 2017. That is very recent compared to most countries around the globe. However, that was the result of the US firing a nuclear weapon in the North Korean row.

The test was conducted twice, the first being in 2015 and the second occurring in August 2017. The second test was successful and it was launched in the North Korean row. Since it was successful the government permitted the mass production of the weapons. According to Express News, the production is planned to start in the next three years. In the same article it says that these might be signs of a war about to take off. People in the media have even gone as far as to saying that this might start World War 3.

The World War 3 theory might sound fake but it can truly been a possibility. Both the US and North Korea are known for being very stubborn and aggressive when someone tries to harm their people or change the way thing have been going on in that country. North Korea has set many examples of that in its several feuds with South Korea and the dictator has made it clear that he will not tolerate the US trying to “ruin” the North Korean lives. The WWIII ideology also makes sense because Trump is not the smartest president we had and he has challenged North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on several different occasions.

There are many different reasons why they have been each other’s rivals for so long. The key point and the most arguable point between the two countries is the belief on the correct way to run it. North Korea is a very power-hungry country and since the US has the best military in the world right now, there would be no better way to give proof on exactly how strong the country is. Potentially, other countries could get involved with this war because US has more than one rival. China and Russia have also shown their hatred for the US. On the positive side, the US has allies too. One of our closest ally is Canada but there are many more. This could possibly be how far this goes.

Based on the current points of view of both countries and the nuclear weapons that have been such a major issue, this could erupt into a big deal any time. However, it is not going to happen any time soon because neither the US nor North Korea are ready to go to war in terms of events. They have the weapons and the military ready to go but does the US have enough in terms of finance? There has also been so official declaration of war and will not be any time soon until North Korea want to fight but they better prepare before they can challenge the US.


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