Playing professional sports. I can take a safe bet and say that every child has at least once dreamt about becoming a professional athlete. It’s understandable, who wouldn’t want to be paid to do the thing you love? As children we are taught that we can grow up to be whatever we want, then when we finally do we are told to conform to what society considers “normal” or “average” jobs. The dream itself isn’t the problem, the problem is when those kids grow up and still want that dream. This is the part where the adults in their lives tell them they have a one and a million chance of achieving this goal and that they should settle for something more realistic like a teacher or lawyer. People tell you that you have such a small chance that there is no point in taking one at all. USA Today has statistics on this topic that only make us feel worse about wanting to accomplish these goals.

Football – 1 in 4,233
Basketball – 1 in 11,771
Soccer – 1 in 5,768

These statistics are daunting and make people that love their sport feel small, like they will never be good enough to play professionally. The way I look at it is, if everyone thought this way “I’ll never be able to play ____ in the big leagues” then who would? Seriously though, if everyone who wanted to play sports professionally stopped right now who would do it? Sure you wouldn’t be in dire need of anyone for a few more years until the rookies now get old but what then? Someone has to be the next Lebron James or Carson Wentz and if those kids dreams continue to get crushed what will happen to sports entertainment? If someone is willing to give their whole lives to the sport they love then they can make it if they continue to work harder than anyone else. Anyone who knows me knows that my sport means the world to me and I do everything I can to improve, so when I’m told at the ripe old age of sixteen that my dream is unattainable I not only get discouraged but I also get angry. This probably sounds super cheesy but no one should be told what their limits are or that they won’t be good enough to achieve something.


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