Athletes had began training for Fall Sports since mid-to-late August, while also training nonstop for the bulk of their competitive season. Even though it seemed like it only started recently, all fall sports since the end of October have been coming to a close. As the days are getting shorter and winter sports season is approaching, all Fall Sports have finished their season.
Most Athletes at this point have a range of a three-week off season, to an entire season’s worth of an off-season if he/she decides not to join a winter sport. Reilly O’Malley, A junior on UM’s soccer team, says that she won’t be joining a winter sport, but she still feels that the team has, “improved a lot with the goals in comparison to last year”. This absence of a winter sport suddenly leaves athletes with an unusual amount of free time on their hands. There are many things one could do with this abundance of free time, but here’s how to use it properly to benefit yourself in the long run.
During the off-season, it is important to use this extra time to focus on school work. Even though it seems like you has enough time to do it later, it would greatly benefit you to get it done earlier and be able to relax in the evening. With free time after school, athletes would now have more opportunities to meet with teachers to work on school work and finish makeup tests or quizzes.
Aside from focusing on sports, it would be a good idea for athletes to attend club meetings they would otherwise miss during their sports season. It’s important to get involved not just through sports, but also some clubs in Upper Merion to show colleges your diversity in activities. Additionally, these clubs would allow you to make new friends outside of their team and expand your social circle.
Remember to stay organized during the off season. Maybe you could use some time to organize a calendar to mark when your winter sport starts, or important activities that are starting soon.
With the end of Fall Sports, it’s a good idea to look into finding other methods to stay in shape to better your performance in the next season. Junior member of the football team, Dontae Slocum, says that he might join winter track if he doesn’t make the basketball team so he can stay in shape for football next year.
Most importantly, use the new free time to to what it is most likely intended to provide: rest for athletes. As an athlete, you’ve been working hard without stop for probably no more than two days at a time during the peak of your sports season. The key component of the off season is to use this time to rest up and prepare for the next season as best a possible. With this in mind, be sure to de-stress and ready yourself to do better next year for your fall sport!


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