Whether you’re a caffeine lover who can’t get their hands off their coffee-filled travel mug or an average Joe who just needs one cup in the morning, you’re bound to understand the widespread appeal of the beverage. Coffee has been around since the 15th century, and today there are entire business empires dedicated to the drink. But coffee doesn’t just provide an energy boost — it’s also great for your health.

Recent studies have revealed that there are many health benefits that come with your morning Americano. The American Heart Association and University of Colorado stated that an increase in coffee consumption is connected to better heart health. The additional cup of coffee that people drank as part of their research lowered their risk of heart failure and stroke by 8 percent in comparison to non-coffee drinkers.

This project, also known as the Framingham Heart Study, was the longest-running medical cause-and-effect examination in the country. Originally involving 5,200 people, it expanded to observe the generations that followed. Thousands of other investigations into health choices were inspired by these efforts. To examine the impact of coffee on heart health, they used machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the vast array of data. Their findings demonstrated that an increase in coffee intake could be associated with a decrease in health risks.

While this information is exciting, within the science world, experts currently consider the study a mere preliminary report. Some researchers have noted that the correlation has yet to be peer-reviewed and presented in a professional journal. The findings may lack complete, official confirmation, but the connection between coffee and health has been supported by the work of other institutions around the world. A scientific investigation from South Korea tested 25,000 people to conclude that moderate coffee drinking can be associated with fewer early warning signs of heart disease.

It may be too soon to conclude that coffee consumption definitely correlates with reduced health risks, but the data that has been collected thus far indicates that coffee does have some extra perks. If you are a coffee drinker, you may want to treat yourself to a celebratory cup of coffee. Sit back, help yourself to this glorious drink, and relax at the thought that it is good for you. Further studies are planned to be continued in the future, but for now, the coffee connoisseur can continue to enjoy their coffee without getting any judging looks from their cardiologist.


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