As 2017 comes to an end, these last few months are showing new music from artists old and new, albums, project announcements, and even surprise releases. In order to keep up with the constant flow of the music industry, here are some highlighted tracks to listen to.

Lemon: N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna
A revival of sorts for the group, N.E.R.D has returned, truly living up to their “No-One Never Really Dies” name. This track is a refreshing change in the industry, as this older group returns with a strong game and does not disappoint. Bouncing off the fun and funky beat, Pharrell provides a hook and bookend verses to the track, but Rihanna’s feature steals the show. A surprising performance, her flow continuing non-stop for the entire middle of the track. Another praise for the track is the political based lyrics that don’t seemed dumbed down or bland; “Lemon” keeps itself real and fun with high energy. This teaser leaves a sweet citrus taste with high hopes for the group’s upcoming album.

Garage Palace: Gorillaz feat. Little Simz
Another post album release from the British cartoon band, Gorillaz put out “Garage Palace” as a single to promote the “Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set” of their latest album Humanz. As one of the 14 cut tracks from the album included on the box set, British rapper Little Simz takes full control of the vocals. With no hooks or catchy choruses, Little Simz flexes her flow and rhythm, firing off on all cylinders to the electronic bubblegum beat. The track along with its beat ‘em up style video gives off a dystopian future feeling like that of Blade Runner. The track is a bittersweet moment, as it proves itself far superior than most songs on Humanz.

Los Ageless: St. Vincent
October saw St. Vincent return with her fifth studio album Masseduction, along with a few singles. One of these singles was “Los Ageless,” an unexpected pop rock hit that reached mainstream success. With a wailing and haunting guitar riff and drum machine beat, the track sounds somewhere between a Daft Punk remix and Modern Rock. Annie Clark (St. Vincent) creates a catchy New Wavish jam with satirical lyrics. Los Ageless is enjoyable and somewhat heartbreaking, but overall a well done and dancy number.

God Save The Jungle: Benjamin Clementine
Benjamin Clementine has returned with his second full album I Tell A Fly, with the same poet-like lyrics he is known for. “God Save The Jungle” showcases Clementine’s strong, emotional vocal delivery and piano ballad. The track is littered with piano, harpsichord, and booming deep bass. The song is menacing and threatening, glooming over the listener like a dark rain cloud. The brooding and commanding delivery of Clementine and his own backing vocals ties together this track with a nice, long black bow on a chilling present.


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