All the fall sports are officially over. Congrats to all our teams and their hard work in their corresponding sports. The end of fall sports means that winter sports are starting up soon. Get ready for basketball, swimming, diving, wrestling and winter track season!

Swimming season starts November 17th. Participants of this sport are excited to start the season off strong with their first meet on December 8th. The swim meets incorporate a variety of events, including medley relays, free relays and freestyle events. Last year, the team sent 5 boys and 1 girl to districts, 1 girl to states and won the relay carnival (which is on December 8th this year). The swim team hopes to continue their hard work this year, as well as have fun. Andrew Vallette from the swim team states that they have a “super strong team bond” and are “like a family.”

Diving season starts on the same day as swimming. Although often grouped together, the diving team has distinct aspects to them. They don’t always practice at the same time as the swimmers and are judged differently at meets. While swimmers are ranked based on time, divers are ranked on a point basis. Regardless, the swimming and diving community embrace each other as a large family. Lexi Anderson mentions that the team is a “great place to be because of the love and support” shown by each teammate.

Aside from the water sports, the basketball teams will also begin their season soon. The girls team starts sooner, with their first practice on November 17th. Their first game will then be on December 8th. An accomplished team, they won their Frontier Division last year. They hope to continue their success and go further this year. Maddie Harvey states that she enjoys “the presence and support of the team.” The boy’s basketball team begins after the girl’s season, so there will be plenty of games to attend this winter.

Winter track is also around the corner, with the first practice on November 20th. A variety of events make up track, including distance, sprinting, throwing and other field events. Winter track also helps gap the bridge between cross country and spring track. This allows runners to stay in shape and those who do field events to prep themselves earlier in the year. Morgan Miller notes that the best part about winter track are her teammates, who “make the meets fun and the cold workouts bearable.”

With all these sports starting up, it’s important to support them regardless of whether or not you personally enjoy playing the sport. Each winter sport is unique and entertaining to watch. With all the effort that each team puts in, be sure to come out and watch a couple of these games this winter!


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