The famed Ginger Jesus, Carson Wentz, number 11 on the Eagles team had fans proudly cheering “Fly, Eagles, Fly” as they watched Wentz bring the team to the tremendous victories Eagles fans had been waiting for. Yet, with his notable season achievements, including holding 33 NFL touchdown passes by Week 14, Wentz’, and the Eagles’, trending triumphs may be put to a holt with the interference of his knee injury.

Wentz, born in Raleigh, North Carolina, played Quarterback for his high school team at Century High school in Bismarck. Later on, he graduated and played football while attending North Dakota State University. April 28th, 2016, Wentz was drafted into the Eagles 2016 NFL Draft. By September 5th, Wentz was named starter and became the first rookie since 1970 to win his first two games without an intercept. Throughout his 2017 season, Wentz was named as Eagles quarterback and became known for his impeccable talent in passing and scoring touchdowns during games.

In a recent win against the Los-Angeles Rams, Wentz was removed from the game due to an apparent knee injury and was later determined to have torn his ACL, an injury that kicked him out of the rest of the season. The ACL is known to tear from extreme force on the knee from swift change in direction during a sport, when the ACL cannot handle this force, it ultimately ruptures. While the extent of medical procedures for Wentz is unknown, most football players must undergo ACL reconstruction surgery if they wish to continue their career, which could put Wentz into recovery for 6 to 9 months.

With Wentz out for recovery, what could this mean for the remainder of the Eagles season? Many were relying on Wentz to carry the Eagles onto the playoffs, and potentially even the superbowl, but with his prevailing injury action needs to be taken for the Eagles. While Wentz stated on social media that even with his injury he would be still around the team, especially to help Nick Foles, it’ll be difficult for the Eagles to replace a player that ended as No. 2 overall scorer in the 2017 NFL season. Football enthusiasts are hoping to see Foles carry the Eagles into placing No. 1 seed. Brook Kassa, a Junior at Upper Merion and devoted football fan, states that, “The Eagles have lost some major proponents to their team, but have still managed to flourish offensively largely due to Carson Wentz”. Seeing that the Eagles have placed higher than both the Saints and Rams, and have won, in total, 11 games, Wentz is the recurrent force in these wins. Now depending on Foles, the final 3 games against the Giants, Oakland, and Dallas are still seemingly winnable even with the loss of Wentz. Eagles fans can still hold onto their hope that their illustrious green and white jersey’s will make an appearance at this years’ superbowl, taking into account that Foles makes up one of the top 10 players with the best passings of all time.

Eagles fans will neglect to forget the victory Wentz helped bring during the 2017 season, but we can only hope that the team still finds success in his absence.


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