The Heartbeat of a Battalion

Aleks Niemiec


Thousands of feet march at the command

All those feet, those worn down tired feet

March together in the scarcest harmony


It’s the heartbeat of a battalion


The snow falls in thick flakes of ice

Their woolen coats useless against nature

Those feet trudge on in the silence of night


Their guns are frozen, their hearts tired

Here they are, alone, in this funeral march

It’s a silent night, the calm before the storm


It’s the heartbeat of a battalion

The men hum a hymn to the Lord

All they have is the brothers they fought with

Amongst these men are those alone and dead


Church bells are ringing, there in the square

Their bronze calls families to its welcoming faith

But here are the men praying to God

It’s the heartbeat of a battalion


Imaginary fires burn in their hearts

They climb higher to the angel at the star

Those pure white arms reaching over the earth


The choirs sing a carol to the sky who cries snow

Their voices echo to the deceased field

A child is born, the saviour of the world


It’s the heartbeat of a battalion


These men hum to the beat of the echoing voices

Their spirits slip out to dance with the angels in the snow

With the church they join in a chorus of heavenly tunes


It’s the heartbeat of a battalion


While We Watch

Jaedon Otto


While the dust of Heaven falls peacefully,

While the stars of our dwellings be merry,

While our youngest anticipate blissfully,

and for a year of compassion, though voluntary,


we expect recompense for our merit.

Figures over value, we beseech him

and for another, more good – we swear it,

but still concerns abroad to us bedimmed.


Though we breathe tranquility and witness

pure beauty amongst our blesséd abodes,

Though in this time our worries be suppressed,

Though to us these affairs be oft forebode,


Forsaken souls of the young and old yearn

while we watch our worldly benisons burn.


A​ ​Winter​ ​Wonderland

Ayana Devaull


Look outside and see a world of wonder.

Look outside, and there is a world you’ve known,

But there’s a new feeling in the air. A feeling

Of joy and comfort glistens at night. A feeling

Of simplicity holds your attention during the day.

A cold and dark time that feels warm and bright.

Outside there is a winter wonderland to love.


Winter Wonderland

Razeen Akbar


Snowflakes dance in flurries all around me,

I watch as they slowly descend from the sky,

One by one they blanket the earth in an even white,

The cold had just then set in,

I couldn’t feel my nose,

But I could feel a warmth all around me,

Winter always brought back fond memories,

My family gathering around for the holidays,

The bitter cold blew and blew until all that was left was windchill,

But the warmth never faded,

I was joyful,

And at that moment, I had my friends and family to thank,

For a truly perfect winter wonderland.


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