The Interact Club is a service oriented club as well as the high school extension of the Rotary Club. The teachers in charge of Interact are Ms. Savini and Ms. Craig, leadership includes Allison Krauss (president), Hailey Rymarowicz (secretary), and Julia Mascho (secretary). The club is meant to grant students with the opportunity to give back to their school community and help out on a national level, following the motto of “Service Above Self”. Throughout the year the club organizes fundraisers and Blood Drives to help the entire school become involved in our efforts to give back. During this school year the Interact club has carried out a Blood Drive in November which saved 213 lives, Valentine’s Day grams which raised [ask Savini $ amount] for the Albright family and St. Patrick’s Day goodie bags which raised around $90 for the charity End Polio Now.

Every year a small number of  members from Interact are chosen to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Awards or RYLA. Last year the members were Bridget Power, Kayla Arties, Hailey Rymarowicz, and Allison Krauss. This year the members were Meeval Bju and Aleena Matthews. RYLA is held at Valley Forge and, as described by Meeval and Aleena, “is a two-day event in which high schoolers in the Montgomery County area meet up to listen to speakers of (charitable) organizations talking about their experiences and future opportunities that we can get involved with, working together with new people, and doing different service activities, like packing meals.” While at this conference the students learned how to communicate with fellow Interactors from around the world and to improve their leadership skills. One of the events featured in RYLA was Rise Against Hunger which is a meal packing service event in which attendees work in an assembly line fashion to pack meals to be sent to countries and communities suffering from hunger.

The Interact Club held the Spring Blood Drive Friday, April 20th. The week leading up to the drive, best known as Lifesaver Week, was be filled with various spirit days, such as wearing red, dressing up as your hero, and wearing pajamas to school. Around 100 students total signed up to donate leading to 63 total pints of blood being collected. These donations saved around 189 lives! The need for healthy blood is especially strong right now considering all of the tragedies and disasters occurring nationally every single day. During donations the Red Cross workers take just one pint of blood, which was the potential of saving as many as three lives. If you would like to sign up to donate in the future, remember to get a good night’s sleep the night before the drive and to eat a healthy breakfast. Also remember to eat a diet heavy in iron rich food the week leading up to the Blood Drive. One of the perks of donating is that on the morning of the Blood Drive from 7:00am – 7:45am the Interact Club hosts a breakfast within the teacher’s lounge to ensure that donors get the food they need to safely donate blood. It is also a good idea to take it easy for the rest of the day after giving blood.

Interact Club is an excellent way to get connected with your peers while completing tasks that are beneficial to the people in your school, your country, and in other countries while fulfilling the motto of “Service Above Self”.


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