It first started almost eight years ago with the infamous IHOP date. Ever since then, fans of both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have followed their on and off relationship since 2010, witnessing all of the ups and downs of the famous couple.

While this may seem like old news, there has been recent news of “Jelena” existing once again as of March 2018 when Selena dedicated an Instagram post to Justin’s birthday to her 136 million followers. But days after, there were reports once again that this relationship was on a break once again. So what exactly is going on with these two? There have always been different rumors anytime Gomez and Bieber are seen out together, and since they are not being public as of right now, there is no definite way to be able to tell.

The couple has gotten together, taken breaks, and gotten back together in the duration of almost eight years. Let’s look back at their history. They first confirmed their relationship in 2011 at a Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and later had their first split the next year. In 2013, the relationship was a definite no-no from Justin’s bizarre and later more serious incidents in 2014 (peeing in a bucket, losing a monkey, drunk driving, and vandalism). From 2015 to the end of 2016, it was either unknown what was going on, or Selena and Justin were seen with other potential dates in public (The Weeknd, Zedd, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Sofia Richie). This leads to October 2017, where they were finally seen hanging out and reunited again. In November 2017, they were beginning to be seen more and more, and getting closer again. Finally, the beginning of this year has started off with a positive note of the couple being together again, confirming what everyone’s thinking.

The conclusion so far to this confusing relationship is that 24th birthday post, so let’s see how this relationship turns out, if it is still even going on at this point.


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