A night by the fire

With Ginger surprise

The candles are lit 

Scented of cherry pie

Dancing wisps of blaze

Glistening in his chestnut orbs

A teasing smile creeps 

Upon his blushed gill

Woollen mittens cuff my cheeks

Woollen sweaters on the floor

Woollen dollies on the table

Woollen scarves right by the door

Await the night of ahes

As Kris Kringles charges forth

The bells chime lively through the night

Singing merrily with floo’s galore 

The clock ticks home

And the bustling is over

The cocoa’s run out

And the embers now glow

Finger’s entwined

And hearts pleasantly sincere

With crimson hearth’s glow 

A winter eve’s good cheer


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