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No matter if talking at the a typical volume, the new default gain configurations on the Bumblebee II produced a bit regarding overloading and you may requisite specific changes outside of the container. We in the future noticed that the overloading try taking place regarding yields stage, leaving the genuine filed tunes unaffected, and that i were able to merely turn this new productivity right down to alleviate the disease. One gripe I got into the microphone’s Contributed band was that it will not render any graphic views having volume otherwise get levels; it just change color based on the working function. Which made reaching specific changes more difficult and i also is forced in order to rely on personal ears and also the peak indications from inside the my personal DAW in order to control regarding greatest sound.

New Bumblebee II’s sound

The bigger-than-average product permits a far more obvious smoothing of your own reasonable-volume proximity effect, and work out space into the microphone which will make a very engaging and realistic vocal sound that’s less likely to produce switching whether or not profiles change ranks. 0 mV/Pa during the 1 kHz, signal-to-appears ratio of 80 dB-A beneficial, and you will a dynamic selection of 114 dB.

We first checked out they on my voice and discovered that it captured an instantaneously detectable warmth and you may intimacy that lacked any one of the fresh weak levels you to so frequently affect funds condenser microphones. Based on their authoritative frequency reaction curve, the brand new Bumblebee II have prominent sensitivity on the 30-forty Hz assortment one to contributes audible fullness to help you its sound when compared to the an effective mic like the Bluish Yeti, and that tapers from continuously less than 200 Hz. Brand new Bumblebee II comes with the a more heavily scooped midrange than new Bluish Yeti (or perhaps the Blue Yeti X), that will help they dress to a lot of the common boxiness that singing tracks is actually vulnerable.

Among the many flaws of your own Bumblebee II as compared to a good head competition for instance the Bluish Yeti, not, is actually its unmarried pickup trend. As Yeti’s four switchable pickup activities, together with contour-of-eight and omnidirectional, create users to recapture a wide palette away from voice distinctions, the fresh Bumblebee II is actually secured so you’re able to an effective unidirectional cardioid polar trend. This makes it shorter used for tape supply except that a great single performer and you will quite restrictions the imaginative versatility because a tracking unit. However, as the a prospective fresh addition to your best podcast microphones, plus the finest mics having online streaming, it will do just fine.

On the other hand, new Bumblebee II’s stretched downs, formed midrange, and lightly toned levels is let it do just fine officially in the recording almost every other tunes devices, so i then followed upwards my personal vocal shot which have acoustic guitar and guitar recordings observe how it you are going to food into the an effective songs production form. Each of these instruments filed really well from the mic, and this caught an abundance out of full, in depth low-stop suggestions. However, while cupid randki i unearthed that the latest Bumblebee II painted an incredibly practical and balanced image of brand new classical guitar, the electric guitar recording lacked some of the strike and you may presence I love and you can called for EQ getting okay-tuning.

The fresh Neat Bumblebee II claims to bring a natural sound with complete reasonable-frequency impulse and i is very happy to discover that they positively delivers thereon pledge

It ought to be listed one, such as for instance perhaps the top condenser microphones, the fresh new Bumblebee II was more likely to picking right up a reasonable amount off ambient room sounds that will sound distracting at best and offensive at the worst. If you ask me, although not, the fresh Bumblebee II sustained shorter out of this event versus Bluish Yeti and i also suspect that it is because the fresh Bumblebee II’s carefully designed effect you to moves to common problem-causing wavelengths in the midrange and you may levels. However, in the event the involved in a considerably echoey room, a quicker-sensitive dynamic USB microphone such as the Samson Q9U is generally an effective better choice to possess capturing a focused and you will sterile singing build.


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