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Meet the Viking Call Team of 2017-18!

Mr. Jason Darnell | Viking Call Advisor

Upper Merion’s very own Catcher in the Rye! Mr. Darnell also teaches English 11 Honors-AP as well as Creative Writing and Journalism at Upper Merion.

Mr. Bill Alvini | Website Advisor

Mr. Alvini provides technical support to Upper Merion HS 1-to-1 laptop program and general tech support to the building and district. Often found in the iHelp room (C112), Mr. Alvini helps students find a common ground in technology and prepare for technological collaboration in the future.

Allison Krauss | Editor in Chief

Most of what you need to know about Allison is that she is your Mom friend. She stresses about everything, is the first person you ask for homework help, will show you 1000 pictures of her cats, and watches way too much TV. She will often be seen making terrible jokes and smiling way too much.

June Sanchez | Senior Editor Opinion Editorial

June is a senior at Upper Merion.

Jaedon Otto | Senior Editor • News

When not writing for the Viking Call, I’m either watching or playing soccer, listening to good ol’ classic rock, or doing schoolwork. I’m a Deutsch, history, writing and science aficionado (notice math was left out) and run winter and spring track. If you see me in the hallway, don’t approach me suddenly – I’m easily frightened.

Alexi Ralston | Senior Editor • Arts & Entertainment

When Alexi isn’t writing for the Viking Call, she enjoys playing in the marching band, participating in drama club, maintaining her dog’s social media presence, and complaining about her food.

Kaci Walter | Senior Editor Sports

Kaci is a Junior at Upper Merion and when she isn’t procrastinating, or writing for Viking call, you can find her running for Cross Country and Track, singing in the Choir, or performing in Drama club’s play and musical.

Morgan Miller | Senior Editor Student Life

​When Morgan isn’t writing for the Viking Call or running for the entire year she enjoys sleeping copious amounts, and participating in choir and the musical. 

Trinity Pike | Senior Editor STEM

Trinity eats too much and laughs too hard. Ways to make her happy include but are not limited to Nutella, Thai bubble tea, ube-flavored anything, stories,and smiles.

Gabby Marguiles | Senior Photographer

Gabby is a junior at Upper Merion High School. She is interested in art and music. She also loves to travel.

Laura Rendon-Garcia | Senior Layout Designer

By his request, Laura would like to mention that she has an awesome little brother. (And it’s true). She and her brother live together with Colombian parents, and a couple of budgies. She aspires to do something along the lines of graphic design when she grows up, and enjoys doing layout for the paper.

Aleks Niemiec | Senior Poetry/Creative Editor

Kevin Tuok | Senior Webmaster

When Kevin is not managing the website or writing for STEM, he will either be sleeping, watching Netflix, gaming, or spending the last hours of the night rushing to finish his assignments.


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