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Are Ticketmasters Prices a Trick Or a Treat?

Ticketmaster is under fire for their ticket selling tactics. With the music industry booming after COVID-19, singers, celebrities, and other artists are going on World Tours. The biggest tours ongoing as of now are Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour, and SZA’s SOS Tour to name a few.

  Ticketmaster was the “Official Seller” for the majority of those tours. Despite the sales going through Ticketmasters system, they don’t have the biggest track record of approval by fans of these big artists. So, what’s wrong with Ticketmaster’s system? 

  Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour ticket sales was the first MAJOR uprising for the hatred towards Ticketmasters flawed systems. Tiktok users were in uproar about the site crashing, blacking out, losing their places, and the payment methods not working. Even though the 33 year old pop star performed in high attendance stadiums, the demand to see Taylor Swift was deemed so high many people wouldn’t be able to attend. 

   Olivia Isabel Rodrigo, a 20 year old American singer-songwriter and actress, would be the next victim to the harsh backlash of her new tour. Olivia recently released her new album “GUTS” (Released September 8th, 2023). Soon offically announcing her “GUTS World Tour” to her eager fans through a post on her Instagram. (September 13th, 2023.) Ticketmaster of course being the main face sale ticket distributor for her tour, people knew the horrifying problems towards Ticketmaster and worried it was going to be like Taylor Swift’s “Errors” Tour sales. 

  Ticketmasters has many systems to provide a “fast and simple shopping experience.” Despite this, there are several issues with the site that have made it unpalatable for many. One of the major problems with their rules is pre-registration. People claimed that this rule was flawed, and that it’s hard to get registered. Ticketmasters pre-register system works like a raffle. Put your name inside a virtual jar and wait until Ticketmaster picks out a select amount of people. If chosen, an email would be sent telling you to watch out for a text that contains additional information and a code that allows you to buy tickets. If you don’t get that email, you will get an alternate email stating that you’ve been waitlisted


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