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Horror Movie Recommendations

Halloween isn’t Halloween without scary movies to set the scene for a night full of
screams, scares, and surprises. Let’s break down five amazing horror films to watch with
family and friends on Halloween night!
When you think of horror movies, one of the first movies that comes to mind is IT.
Seven young kids with disturbing pasts encounter a supernatural entity, Pennywise, who
awakens every 25 years to feast on children. These children must face all their fears to
overcome this terrifying occurrence that jeopardizes their lives. This movie is rated R and is
not recommended for anyone who cannot handle excessive amounts of gore, grisly images,
and sensitive content, but nonetheless it is still the perfect movie for those who want to
push their horror limits.
The famous film series Scream consists of suspense and scares that are sure to help
satisfy your Halloween needs. A nameless psycho makes teenagers his victims and
performs gruesome murders, terrorizing a small town in California. Sidney Prescott, along
with other friends in the town he lives in, risk their lives to uncover the true identity of this
masked murderer. Though this movie doesn’t consist of supernatural elements, it still
entertains audiences and makes for a suspenseful horror movie.
Next on the list is The Ring. A picture of a girl comes up on a mysterious videotape
and is rumored that those who watch it will die within 7 days. This is no longer a rumor
when murders surrounding this videotape occur and fall onto the radar of journalist Rachel
Keller. Once Rachel becomes a victim as well, she must prevent any more murders from
happening. It is the perfect movie to enjoy with friends and creates the scary atmosphere
needed to truly enjoy Halloween.
When you think of horror movies, you think of ghosts or murderers but M3GAN
shows the darkside of our own creations through a young robot girl. Her only job is to
protect Cady, who is dealing with the trauma of losing her parents, but main character
M3GAN takes things too far. This movie takes a childish concept and turns it into a
terrifying film for audiences looking for a unique twist on what is commonly perceived as
Finally, everybody knows who to call when in need of a funny horror movie … The
Ghostbusters! Four men who believe in ghosts are laughed at for their belief in ghosts. When
New York City is plagued by ghosts, they spring into action to save the world. Though this
movie is for younger audiences, it makes for a great film to watch with your family on
Halloween night.
Whether you’re watching a family-friendly movie or a straight up gore fest for
Halloween, enjoy the movies – make sure to have some popcorn and candy corn too!


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