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Joel Embiid-Chamberlain?

Joel Embiid’s performance against the Utah Jazz on November 13th was one of the greatest achievements a player has ever had in a 76ers uniform. 

The 77th NBA Season has been full of surprises, excitement, and competition. Every year, we see new players rising to unseen levels, and breaking records previously set in the past. Joel Embiid is a player who has led the NBA in numerous statistics and levels throughout his 7 year career. Every year, he improves drastically and impresses all that have the honor of watching his performance. His performance on November 13th is one of the best the NBA has ever seen. 

Against the Utah Jazz, he tallied 59 Points, 11 Rebounds, 8 Assists, and 7 Blocks! These numbers did more than simply give the 76ers a victory, they broke multiple records that had been previously set throughout NBA History. 

Embiid scored 42 points against the Atlanta Hawks the night before, on November 12th. This, coupled with Joel’s stats on November 13th meant he had scored over 100 points in a span of two games. This is an extraordinary feat, one that has not been matched since Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points, in a single game, in 1962. Wilt was notorious for racking up impossible numbers on a nightly basis.  Seeing Joel Embiid match an achievement set by the one and only Wilt Chamberlain says a tremendous amount about how high his level of play truly is. In addition to that major accomplishment, Joel’s 26 points in the 4th Quarter of the game is the most ever scored by a Sixers player in a quarter. He surpassed former Sixers star Andrew Toney, who has held the team record since 1982. “The Process” is also the first player in the last 25 years to have at least 25 points and at least five blocks in a quarter. Not to be forgotten, his 59 points was also a career-high total for him. To see one man do this, in the span of one weekend, is truly extraordinary. It feels like we have transitioned back to the 1960s, watching Wilt Chamberlain dominate every possession.

This performance leaves all watching with one simple question. Is Joel Embiid the modern day Wilt Chamberlain? What records will he break in the future? How high will his career soar? 


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