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James Harden’s Incredible Start on the 76ers

Following James Harden’s trade from the Brooklyn Nets, he joined the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Seth Curry and Andre Drummond. Initially, Harden was not ready to play for the 76ers since he was dealing with a nagging hamstring injury, but eventually was able to make his debut on February 25th, 2022. He would be playing the Minnesota Timberwolves, and would lead the 76ers to crush the Timberwolves, through a dazzling performance. James Harden had 27 points, and 12 assists, nearly reaching a triple-double in his debut game. That night, the 76ers had proven that Embiid and Harden would work incredibly well as a pairing together. Embiid can work inside the paint while Harden can take the shooting role outside. The future is looking very bright for the 76ers as long as James Harden stays in Philadelphia.


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