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Interview with the UM Swim Team – Viking Call

Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


Interview with the UM Swim Team

The Upper Merion Swim Team has shown a promising start to this year’s season, with a strong starting record of 6-2. I interviewed 3 members of the swim team, JR Herman, Ben Gordon, and Abby Yuen, to hear their thoughts on the season so far. I was curious to understand how they believed the team was performing during this season, “I think we’ve done great, especially coming off such a large leaving senior class last year,” Said JR Herman. Everyone seemed to believe that the team’s success was due to everyone participating as a team. A lot of responsibility was placed on Juniors and Sophomores after the majority of the swim team graduated last year, they have been able to handle the stress and win their meets. I asked JR, Abby, and Ben, if they believe that students should attend the swim meets, and they all seemed to agree that everyone should. “It can help the swimmers feel support from their school,” JR Herman said. “Swimming isn’t super popular, but it’s very competitive and there’s a lot of adrenaline at the meets that is different from other sports,” said Abby Yuen. The adrenaline at these meets is different from other sports because of the way the event is structured, and it can lead to some really exciting moments. In the end, the Swim Team at Upper Merion this year has shown a strong performance, and the swimmers are happy with how everything is going. To finish things off, I asked Ben Gordon if people should consider joining the swim team next year. “Absolutely, there will be a new pool as well, which should bring more encouragement.”


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