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A Recap of Hoco Week – Viking Call

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A Recap of Hoco Week

Homecoming week was such a blast It was filled with fun activities and themes. This school
year, we had Tunesday Tuesday, Barbie Day, Jerzday Thursday, and then Friday was Blue and
Gold Day. Many people participated, including myself. On Tunesday, loads of people were
Drake and Taylor Swift. Throughout Barbie Day, I saw a lot of girls dressed as Ken, and there
were a few boys dressed as Barbie. Everyone nailed it. I saw a lot of people wearing jerseys on
Thursday, and a few were dressed as the cast of Jersey Shore. As for Friday, everyone I saw
had on the school colors or school gear. It was amazing to see everyone participating every
single day. I had fun participating too! We also had penny wars throughout the week. Bocce
Night was so cool, and everyone did well. I love that the teams made costumes for themselves!
They even got to decide on their team name. On Activities Night, the seniors won, but everyone
had a great time. However, one of the highlights of the week was the pep pally. It was the first
pep rally in the new school, and it was the first one in general for the seniors. It was a friendly
competition that made everyone scream and shout. Even if their team lost, they still were happy
and cheering. It was hilarious watching the teachers struggle in tug of war. The cheerleaders
had an amazing routine that made everyone clap, and the powder puff cheerleaders had some
amazing stunts. The screaming match at the end made everyone’s ears ring, but it was
extremely fun. The Homecoming football game was cool to watch as well. We won 26-14
against Upper Perkiomen. Our queen, Madison Johnson, was crowned that evening. Another
highlight was the homecoming dance. We dressed our best and learned who our king was at the
end of the night, Ryan Francis. The dance was something everyone looked forward to for weeks
before. Girls were buying new dresses and boys were planning Homecoming proposals. It was
so much fun to see everyone dressed up and dancing, and I’m glad that it was fun for everyone
because that is what it is meant to be every year.
Once again, please try to enjoy all the fun things that high school (particularly UMAHS) has to
And now, the monthly quote: “Nothing lasts forever. So live it up, drink it down, laugh it off,
avoid the drama, take chances and never have regrets because at one point everything you did
was exactly what you wanted to do.”- Marilyn Monroe


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