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Juliana Calcao

Student Life

A Tell All With Mr. Barash

It is often said that in a trio one person is always left out, which explains why duosare considered to be stronger. However, if duos supposedly work, then why is it that theschool play is continuously outshined by the yearly…

Midsummer & a Mattress

Art by Iz Lee and Sofia Lydecker


Most little kids tend to fantasize about their teenage years, daydreaming about the future as if it’ll be the same as any coming-of-age movie revolving around young love, and adventure. Myself included. A much younger version of me wholeheartedly believed…

Club Shoutout: Sign Language Club

We’re all familiar with the most common languages that most schools offer, like French and Spanish, but what about a language that’s just as important, but not spoken? Sign language, a form of communication that utilizes everything but a person’s…

Featured Student Life

Student’s Savior: Karlheinz Brandenburg

Scouring through Netflix as one does when bored during the weekend I came across an informational show called History 101. As of October of this year, this program has two seasons, both of which cover topics that are random yet…