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Month: December 2022


Genetically Modified “Friendly Mosquitoes” Could be the Next Step to Fighting Infections

It’s common knowledge that mosquitoes kill more people than any other creature worldwide, and have been responsible for approximately 17% of global deaths from infectious diseases. The Aedes aegypti mosquito, for example, is the world’s primary transmitter of dengue, chikungunya,…

Art & Poetry

An End

Pretty crimson blossoms from dazzling gold,Its vibrancy seeps into every crevice, Flows, then stains the ground so effortlessly,As if that’s what it was made to do. And the crystalline tears stream down once more,Cloudy eyes no longer reflect the pristine…

Art & Poetry

RE: if You Were

If you were the sputtering engine that drags on some more,that drags me along for fun and games, that tells me to be me and makes me feel special. If you were that spark that shines in the sky,that lives…

Art & Poetry

Daylight Savings Time

We set our clocks an hour ahead, Gain an hour of sleepBut this so called giftSeems rather cheap We wake up to the sun now, Though our time with the sun is getting thinnerThe light fades much quicker Completely gone…

Art & Poetry

Why Winter?

Flowers in the meadow Unprepared for the frostI wonder if they see what’s coming Or just watch in aweAs the clouds roll over,Promising something refreshing and familiarAn old friend appears, but in a different stateFormerly soft, wet and warm, Now…

Arts & Entertainment

People’s Choice Award Nominees!

The People’s Choice Awards has awarded people of fine entertainment annually since 1975 and it will be making its appearance once again. Worldwide, fans will brace themselves for the 40 categories of music, movies, television and more. Kenan Thompson will…

Arts & Entertainment

Love Actually Holiday Movie Review

Love Actually, a movie that is directed by Richard Curtis and originally premiered in 2003, is a hilarious holiday rom-com with an amazing cast including Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and many others.  There are 9 different…