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Why Winter?

Flowers in the meadow Unprepared for the frost
I wonder if they see what’s coming Or just watch in awe
As the clouds roll over,
Promising something refreshing and familiar
An old friend appears, but in a different state
Formerly soft, wet and warm, Now a frigid, glacial and gloomy swarm
But it does not end there
The blooming buds are not met with a blissful end,
The harshness of the cold leaves their corpses preserved,
Waiting endlessly for the frost to dissipate to finally leave
The frail dead bodies to return to the ground
What did a flower do to deserve such torture
A crime of having too much beauty?
Engulfing the eye with too much control
A leafy temptress, sitting on an innocent knoll
A flower bud on a tree
Became an apple that tempted eve Is this how the wretched season came to be?
We cannot have this peace and beauty indefinitely
Because something as simple and beautiful as a flower
Shows the inherent evil power That makes the world spin around


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