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Scary School Poem

A creak on the stairs
A bump in the night
Are surely enough
To fill me with fright

Though no creepy monster
And no minor scare
Could match my feeling that night
Couldnt even compare

The whole day at school
Had gone by, uneventful
Though when I got home
I was feeling resentful

My whole day was filled with
The homework I had gotten
I was sure that my teachers
Were really quite rotten

I would have no time
To hang with my friends
No fun and no play
Until my study ends

I sat down to work
To read about some old king
But then my phone,
It started to ring

When I answered the phone,
and heard my friend on the line,
I quickly realized,
that this would take up all my time

We talked for hours,
far into the night.
And because of all this,
I forgot to write

Not a question was answered,
Not a paragraph was read
And I didn’t think of any of this
until I laid down in bed

I thought for a second,
If I wanted to do such a chore,
And as I tried to decide,
I started to snore.

I woke up that morning,
My head filled with bees
I walk in that morning,
To the PSAT’s


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