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Midsommar Movie Review

Midsommar. This movie is simply hard to put into words. It is one of the most beautiful, scenic movies I’ve ever watched, yet also is the most darkest and disturbing. Director Ari Aster does it again, just like his previous movie, Hereditary (2018) – the perfect thriller for any time of the year. Midsommar’s story itself is so intriguing – a debilitated couple tries to force happiness upon themselves by attending the annual Midsommar festival in Sweden with a group of their friends. When they arrive, everything is just … off. There were endless twists to the story. Instant chills were sent down my spine from the explicit graphic scenes contained in the movie. There was definitely not a need for so much gruesomeness but it did add to how blunt the cult was. They felt no remorse for what they were doing to their guests that one would think everything is normal there. The cuts of each violent scene capture that. This was unbelievably insane and by far the most craziest eventful movie. It starts off slow but quickly builds up all of the doom that occurs at the end. The plotline is perfect. The structure of the movie reminds me of Mother! (2017) directed by Darren Aronofsky in the sense that it started off seemingly normal but then little hints of danger came and the stress and anticipation gradually increased until it hit the climax. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. It is the perfect movie if you want to get your brain thinking after watching it. This movie will definitely be ringing through your head for days to come! You can watch Midsommar on Hulu, Disney+, or ESPN+ today.


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