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I hope you lose the one thing you have

He wishes he was the one for her- 

I hope you lose the one thing you have 

I hope you realize one day what you had

Brag about you like you are a trophy 

Talk about you like your my favorite hobby 

I wonder if you see me crying at night 

Hugging my bed 

Will you regret all the things you said 

Every Second I wish he leaves

I beg you god, please 

Scared he is taking you away from me

I just don’t understand 

Why he treats you so bad, worse than I could ever have had

Demand you for things I never asked 

Maybe i am just an outcast 

It boils my blood when he yells at you 

Tells you, you are the worst 

But you are only mine not his so how can he say this

You ask me why I write all the these love songs about you

Cause you are the only love I want 

I could fight the whole world for you

Love no one if they dont love you 

One day all these will just be memories

Silly stories you will tell 

Cause I will leave soon 

I won’t look back 

Leave without a goodbye 

I wonder if you see me crying at night 

Will you still think you were right 

I wanna be excited to see you 

But I am too scared 

Thinking I will give you another reason to hate me more 

Can you see I am looking at you from a distance 

Cause I can see 

The water in my eyes I see you through the water in my eyes

I wish I could take back all my lies 

Tell you what’s true 

Its that I love you

But how do I say sometimes I wish I killed my soul that day

I feel my checks wet 

I wiped it off but I won’t forget 

What you do for him but not me

You won’t even listen 

Just shut me up 

I got zero motivation filled with hesitation 

I used to wish he would leave us alone 

Use to say I would do anything for him to disappear 

Hope he doesn’t reappear

But I should be the one who leaves 

God please take me

If you don’t love me it’s fine 

Then Tell me what’s true 

why would you say you do 

Please never say I love you 

I hope when I am gone 

He kisses your face

Makes you smile, then mad for a while 

He says goodnight 

Will cry in your lap after a fight

I hope he comes home, is excited to tell you everything that goes on in his life

Sings you all his love songs 

Looks at you with awe 

And thinks 

She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen 

Her heart was so clean 

Even the stars look at her and won’t look away

He will lose himself in your eyes 

He will be scared you will laugh at his songs or you will say hmm to one of his lines 

I hope what he does is good enough 

But I still wish it reminds you of me

Hope you miss me


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