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RE: if You Were

If you were the sputtering engine that drags on some more,
that drags me along for fun and games, that tells me to be me and makes me feel special.

If you were that spark that shines in the sky,
that lives on and makes me feel important, that signifies lasting light,
that makes you important to me.

If you were that autumn leaf,
that changes colors as summer bleeds into winter,
that reminds me of warm, hot cof- fee on a comfortable day, drunk from a mug from my collec- tion that grows because of you.

If you were beautiful like a noble warrior,
battleworn and radiating golden honor. In this life, it is worth living together.

I say, with salt trails running down my cheeks,
if it were you, that one autumn fire that I need, that sprinkle of pixie dust that brightens the mist,
you would be my magic.

So you are.
So you are my fire and my magic, you are my warm coffee on an autumn day,
my engine that I need to keep going,
that green spring luck that glistens with morning dew,
and the vibrant autumn leaves that sing back to the both of us.

I know, I sure am lucky to be alive with you.


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