Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper

Lorelei Bonifanti


Halloween Horror

Moonlight is the only thing shining from the windowAll it does is make the pit in my stomach growEach ticking moment feels like I’m getting nearTo the final result of my fearSomething scrapes outsideClawing to get to where I hideDeep…

Art & Poetry

Daylight Savings Time

We set our clocks an hour ahead, Gain an hour of sleepBut this so called giftSeems rather cheap We wake up to the sun now, Though our time with the sun is getting thinnerThe light fades much quicker Completely gone…

Art & Poetry

Scary School Poem

A creak on the stairsA bump in the nightAre surely enoughTo fill me with fright Though no creepy monsterAnd no minor scareCould match my feeling that nightCouldnt even compare The whole day at schoolHad gone by, uneventfulThough when I got…