Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


Halloween Horror

Moonlight is the only thing shining from the window
All it does is make the pit in my stomach grow
Each ticking moment feels like I’m getting near
To the final result of my fear
Something scrapes outside
Clawing to get to where I hide
Deep in the caverns, hidden away
I beg to remain hidden, to be able to stay
But they will not relent, will not heed
Until I give them what they need
The doorbell rings, a shrilling sound
And I feel my hard pound and pound
I reach for the door, accepting my fate
Knowing that now, it is too late
I fling the door open, and see there
My greatest fear, leaving me without a prayer
Now I see the moment came
And all at once, they all exclaim,
“Trick or treat!”


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