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The Asylum

Their feet are like drumsShaking the walls I’m carvingIt’s a faint dove, but I’m not goodThe Asylum; it is not mine until I’m aloneI’m an escapee, hiding amongst all that is raw and swallowing goreI often dream of a pale…

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Friday the 13th

The sigh you emit would be visible in the air from the cold, if it wasn’t forthe pitch black that you’re engulfed in. You are crouched at the base of a tree, legs burning from the ache of thestressed position…


Halloween Horror

Moonlight is the only thing shining from the windowAll it does is make the pit in my stomach growEach ticking moment feels like I’m getting nearTo the final result of my fearSomething scrapes outsideClawing to get to where I hideDeep…


One Last Time

The years go by in a blur Tragedy striking the hearts of all that we wereIn the confusion, it was never the sameThings have gone, and new ideas cameIn and out I have gone With only the hopeful promise of…

The Last Fall

The seasons change like every yearBut this one is different, the end I fearThe last fall at homeBefore I strayTo some strange place that is far away Paling leaves blow in familiar circlesLike clockwork, ebbing breezes and rising chillsAlways thought…


New and Old, Old and New

In freshman year, I opened a new tube of toothpaste.It was minty and fresh and just as everyone knew it.Seven days a week, twice a day, two to three minutes. In freshman year, I opened the door to a building…