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Love Actually Holiday Movie Review

Love Actually, a movie that is directed by Richard Curtis and originally premiered in 2003, is a hilarious holiday rom-com with an amazing cast including Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and many others.  There are 9 different plots in this movie that all connect with each other through an emotion known to captures us all – love. The stories within this movie take place during Christmas time. I look forward to watching this movie every year as it has become a tradition between my mother and I. Richard Curtis does a great job intertwining each tale to fit into one magnificent movie. Although the movie is only 136 minutes long, it does not feel strung out in any way. I felt as though it was just the right amount of happiness, sadness, and comedy mixed together. There are many different perspectives of love, and love comes differently with the unique situations each individual is in. However, at the end of the day, love is everywhere surrounding us always (as Hugh Grant’s character says in the movie). The movie paints this picture perfectly as everyone has something going on in their lives that causes friction in their relationships, but as the movie proves, love can conquer any obstacle if it is felt hard enough. My favorite plotline would have to be Hugh Grant’s story – he portrays a newly-elected prime minister who falls for his new maid that comes from a completely different background. I loved his character and he was perfectly fit for the role as he always is in romantic comedies. Although some plotlines did not live up to the standard of the others, I loved them all because I found them to be very entertaining. There are hints of reality shown through this movie as well. With love comes heartbreak as we see whilst watching the storyline between Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson when their long-term marriage comes crashing down because of infidelity and temptation. Emma Thompson’s acting in the movie felt so real. The scene where she finds out completely brings me to tears every single time. This movie will leave you feeling warm and content, especially with all of the holiday vibes. It’s simply wonderful and I don’t know what else I could say to express how much I love this movie!


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