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Flying High

The Philadelphia Eagles have been Flying high to start this season, to start the year they have won their first 5 games that puts them as the only undefeated left in the NFL. The Eagles sit atop the NFC East and NFC with their 5-0 record looking at their biggest test of the year. The Eagles face the The Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football this weekend looking to prove once again they are for real this season. 

Before the season started the Eagles were looked at as a team that can make the playoffs as a wildcard. This would build on them squeezing into the wildcard last year with a 9-7 record and a terrible start to the season. This season they started hot out of the gate winning their first game while putting up 38 showing everyone that their offense is new and improved. They would have their coming out party when they beat the Vikings in week 2 on Monday Night Football which caught the attention of the national media that this team was for real. They never looked back since gaining that respect as they won their next 3. Building up the hype of this Sunday Night Football against their biggest rivalry Dallas. Despite missing their starting quarterback the cowboys are sitting with a 4-1 record winning their last 4. Leading this to be one of the most highly anticipated Eagles and Cowboys games in recent memory. 

Both teams are loaded with star players but the Eagles have arguably the most complete roster in the NFL which has helped on their way to a 5-0. They are loaded with talent at every position. A team that added a bunch of pieces of this offseason has not had adjustment periods and has gelled really well together. This a big part of their veteran leaders who have been on this team for many years. These new acquisitions on the offensive side of the ball have helped the Eagles have a top 10 offense and Jalen Hurts is looking like an MVP candidate playing his best football running and throwing the ball. The new acquisitions have helped secure up the defense and make a much better unit than last year. They are creating more turnovers and sacking the quarterback more often this year making their defense look unbelievable. 

All this being said the Eagles need to stay focused and continue to play the way they have been playing. If they do this the talent on this team will go this far. The pressure is now on the Eagles as they seem to be the team to beat the NFC. The Eagles are expected to be a Super Bowl contender this season as they have the pieces and you should expect them to keep winning games. Now the question is how long can they stay undefeated?


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