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Harry Styles’ Pleasing Pop Up

Harry Styles starred on X-factor and has grown ever since. He and his fellow X-factor contestants even formed their own band named One Direction, which instantly became famous across the world. The band eventually split up but Harry Styles had made a name for himself and refused to fade into the background. This article is not to reminisce on One Direction’s fame or Harry Styles career but to to introduce his beloved business. 

Pleasing! Which was launched all the way back in November of 2021. Seems like forever ago right? Anyways the company’s mission is “to bring joyful experiences and products that excite the senses and blur boundaries’” (George 2021). 

Being almost a year from the launch, Styles and his company wanted to kick off the start of the holiday season by announcing three pop up shops in three different cities, New York, London, and Los Angeles. At all these stores, guests can buy the company’s unique nail polish and merchandise. In addition, customers can also create their own personalized nail polish as well as get shirts and other items that commemorate the businesses one year anniversary. 

But what if you are not from Los Angeles, New York or London? Can you not get these great shirts, nail polishes, lip balms, tonics and more? 

Don’t worry! You can buy all of Pleasing’s great products online all year round on their website. 

Additionally, if you are an American Express holder, then it’s your lucky day as you get early access to the shop and its products such as an exclusive crewneck made by the company. American express card holders can enter the store an hour earlier than those that do not have this credit card.  

This is extremely beneficial as you get early access to the limited items that the stores hold, with these pop-ups staying in business for nearly a month from November 26 to December 23. 

So again, Don’t worry! For if you can’t make it at all in November, there are still 23 days  to get to the shop and buy all the nail polish you can. The nail polish tends to be  bright colors that will make your nails pop. They are made with sustainable, plant-based solvents that are biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty free.

 Shoppers, online and in person, can also look forward to a new makeup line coming soon. Enjoy shopping and creating your special individual nail looks!


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