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Op-Ed – Viking Call

Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper



The Mundane Horror of the Literal Uncanny Valley

Pennsylvania: translated literally, it means “Penn’s Woods” (Wesser). Yet all that remainsof them is a skeleton of dirt trails and tree stumps, continually replaced with ornamental fruittrees and recycled tire-based pavement. Where nature was once in control, any fraction ofwilderness…


Ghostly Affairs

Halloween, documented to have gone as far back as the 7th century, has now become oneof the world’s oldest holidays. In America, we celebrate the holiday through costumes andtrick-or-treating. We spend time with friends, go to parties, haunted houses, or…


The Apocalypse.

 I really try to not think about it because I am ridden with anxiety and known to spiral out of control. So, I had the brilliant idea of watching the hit HBO series, “The Last of Us”, a show where…


Filibuster: Tyranny of the Minority

The 70% must guard against the 30% (West Wing).   The Tyranny of the Minority!  It seems to be overshadowed and forgotten. Yet it remains so dangerous and destructive, with the current filibuster system being the main tool that threatens our…

The Senior Dread

What do seniors dread each and every morning? The pandemonium of the senior parking lot. With such limited spots for hundreds of seniors and oversold passes, there is never a guarantee of security when trying to acquire a parking spot….


A Year In Review: My Thoughts and Memorable Events

My article this year is about a collection of events that will forever change my life.    I started my last year of high school in a new school, got curtain bangs and regretted getting curtain bags, and so on and…

Featured Op-Ed

Adam’s Plan:A Faulty Policy to Address Mental Illness

   A relatively normal day with the streets bustling, the sun out, and December and the holidays coming around.     The month of giving, celebration, and love is almost right upon us.     And Mayor Eric Adams has given a gift to all…

Harry Styles’ Pleasing Pop Up

Harry Styles starred on X-factor and has grown ever since. He and his fellow X-factor contestants even formed their own band named One Direction, which instantly became famous across the world. The band eventually split up but Harry Styles had…


Anna “Delvey” Sorokin: Master Manipulator and My Personal Hero

Scams. Pyramid schemes. Fraud.  All things I wish I had enough craftiness, resourcefulness, and courage to pull off. To make up for my shortcomings, I have made it my life’s work to highlight the extremely intelligent women who have been…

Don’t Say Gay Bill: The New Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell of Floridian Classrooms

2022.  HB 1557 or Don’t Say Gay Bill get passed in Florida.  I am not part of the LGBTQ+ community and will never know even 1/1,000,000,000 of the struggle of being part of this community that suffer under wrongfully and…