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Filibuster: Tyranny of the Minority

The 70% must guard against the 30% (West Wing). 

 The Tyranny of the Minority! 

It seems to be overshadowed and forgotten. Yet it remains so dangerous and destructive, with the current filibuster system being the main tool that threatens our democracy by ceding too much power to the minority. We must change it! 

I do not pretend that I know some perfect solution to the inaction plaguing our government today. However we must change the tool that empowers the Tyranny of the Minority. The Filibuster.  For those of you who don’t know, The Filibuster is a senate rule that allows for members of the minority party to delay or prevent bills from ever becoming law-with ⅔ of the senate needing to vote against the Filibuster for the bill to pass!  

In the modern day, the mere threat of the filibuster destroys most bills and prevents progress. We need to change that! We need to have a filibuster that is neutered but still retains its critical function of destroying the threat of the Tyranny of the Majority. 

 I believe that we need to return to the Speaking Filibuster of the past in order to revitalize our stagnant nation. We need to force Senators to have to speak on germaine topics in order to hold up a bill. No Ted Cruz and Green Eggs of Hams. 

 We need legit debate! We deserve legit debate! And we deserve real progress. 

  The Speaker Filibuster is as imperfect a solution as us. Humans! 

  However, in my opinion, perfection is a human fallacy!  We need improvement, not perfection!  

  The Speaking Filibuster is an improvement!  

   It does have an extremely dark and cruel past, as Thurmond and a group of senators used the filibuster frequently to block civil rights. It was the southern Democrats who were filibustering against their own party, and it was the Democrats and liberal Republicans who were trying to stop these filibusters,” Don Ritchie, the Historian Emeritus of the Senate, told CBS News Glor (“The History”). 

  I apologize for the usage of the filibuster in the past and yet it still remains and is good in theory. However, it needs improvement in practicality which is the reason we need the speaking filibuster. 

 Balance is extremely hard to obtain, if not impossible, and yet we must strive for it. We must fight for it. 

 We must work toward our need and want for progress and change. We will never satisfy it, but we must still work for it! 

  Progress and change will never be fast enough but eliminating the filibuster entirely will be too much alteration. Society wouldn’t handle candles.  If we eliminate the filibuster then the change will cause too much disruption in the natural order of things, like in Oedipus,  and it will bounce back and destroy us. 

   Instead, we need more of a balance toward the empowerment of change, but we must not destroy stagnancy as well.  

   We need the talking Filibuster. 


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