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Sophia Bakalidis


The Apocalypse.

 I really try to not think about it because I am ridden with anxiety and known to spiral out of control. So, I had the brilliant idea of watching the hit HBO series, “The Last of Us”, a show where…


A Year In Review: My Thoughts and Memorable Events

My article this year is about a collection of events that will forever change my life.    I started my last year of high school in a new school, got curtain bangs and regretted getting curtain bags, and so on and…


Anna “Delvey” Sorokin: Master Manipulator and My Personal Hero

Scams. Pyramid schemes. Fraud.  All things I wish I had enough craftiness, resourcefulness, and courage to pull off. To make up for my shortcomings, I have made it my life’s work to highlight the extremely intelligent women who have been…


Children and the Downfall of Civilization

   I recently went on the school sponsored Disney trip, an experience I will absolutely never forget and I mean that in the worst possible way. You may be thinking about how ungrateful I must be and how I should’ve soaked…

Elizabeth Holmes: The Original “Girlboss”

From Joan of Arc to Reese Witherspoon, women have been transforming the world for centuries. But there is one woman in particular that deserves just as much recognition as anyone else. A woman who doesn’t stop until she reaches her…