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Caelan Kelly

What makes the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine so different?

At long last, vaccines for the Corona Virus are finally being distributed to the masses, and the end of Covid might finally be right around the corner. Currently, three different vaccines with their own characteristics have been successfully produced and…

The Not So Distant End of Two Viruses

Being consumed by our own pandemic, it’s natural that we’d completely brush off any news of other, not so threatening viruses, especially those which have been nearly eradicated like polio. As many know, polio reached its peak in the U.S….

Overcoming Racial Inequalities in STEM

Without debate, the African American community has been one of, if not the, most marginalized groups since before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Over time, this community has seen plenty of reform to their rights, with the abolishment of…


The Glossed Over Impact of Women in STEM

Throughout history, there have been countless people whose contributions to STEM have been vital to the scientific world. We can all name a few of these people off the top of our head; Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Leonardo da Vinci,…