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She is a woman

White, Black, Pink or Brown She will never drop her crown, It might tilt but she...

Revelations of the Trump-Woodward Interviews

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, Bob Woodward, a veteran journalist who has interviewed US presidents since Richard Nixon, has been...

Top 5 (Plus Honorable Mentions!) Fun Activities of Fall 2021

As summer turns into fall, as the crisp crunch of autumn leaves sound beneath your feet, and the morning chills fill the...

Met Gala 2021

T.V. Shows & Movies to Get You Through Thanksgiving

While I cannot speak from experience, I have a general understanding of how Thanksgiving turns out: 30+ family/friends stuck in a house...

Squid Games Review

The new show Squid Games has taken the world by storm. The show was released on Netflix on September 17th, 2021. The...

Boardwalk Birds: Jackpot

COVID-19 Vaccines

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, scientists have worked against the clock to produce a safe and effective vaccine. These...

Middle East Turmoil

 Houses collapse with ease, as if they were made of sand, and gunshots travel throughout the streets with the citizens enduring the...

Disney Makes Cultural Breakthrough with Live-Action Mulan

On September 4th, Disney released its live action Mulan on Disney+, a Netflix-esque streaming platform Disney developed. For a charge of thirty...


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COVID-19 Stimulus Plan

Despite all of the advancements that have currently been made on producing the COVID vaccines and countless people wanting to get life...

Dune Review

Boardwalk Birds: Yawn

Senior Prom?

That One Person

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Thanksgiving Day Parade 2021

If you’re like me, then one thing you always look forward to on Thanksgiving Day (aside from turkey, of course!) is the...

Russia-Ukraine: Introduction and Reaction

Introduction to War: On February 24, 2022, Russia initiated its invasion of Ukraine, with many complexities surrounding this conflict....

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