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Senior Prom?

As many of the seniors may know there has been a lot of drama around the planning of this year’s senior prom, and as a senior myself I wanted to dig a little deeper into the process; here is what I found. One of the most prominent issues surrounding the prom is the location, and the seniors were sent a survey a couple days ago asking them to choose which location they would like the best. The options were Rivercrest, a country club, the Elmwood Park Zoo, and the community pool. Now, as one would imagine the last of these options was outright rejected by the seniors for obvious reasons. But I am hearing that there is a fourth possible location being considered by those planning the prom. The wrestling gym. The person who confirmed this possible location to me said that they believe that none of the seniors could possibly have a problem with this location, unlike the previously mentioned three. They said they believe that the wrestling gym has great “fung shui”. A term meaning using energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surroundings. 

In my opinion the wrestling gym would be a great location for senior prom, truly emblematic of our senior year. And by that I mean absolutely perfect. The wrestling gym is spacious enough for attendees to social distance, and has a great ambience. The person who I spoke with said that attendees cannot wear heels for this event, as it would cause damage to the wrestling mats in the gym. And before you ask, no they will not be moving the mats. They think that this will help to insulate the sound from the rest of the school, as we would not want to disturb the rest of the building with our prom. 

So in summary, senior prom will likely be held in the wrestling gym, not the Elmwood Park Zoo, Rivercrest, or the community pool. A move likely to be accepted by all students. And students will not be allowed to wear heels to the event, as they should not damage the schools wrestling mats. It is unclear whether food and water will be available for attendees, but I am sure that they have thought of this issue and dealt with it pragmatically, as always 😉


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