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Ukraine Russia Situation

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, folks. Everyone remembers that THERE IS A WAR GOING ON! Yeah, so things have been absolutely insane! One of the most recent developments is Russia purchasing Iranian-made drones to attack Ukraine; the irony is that Ukraine is already developing counter-technology to neutralize drones. Russia only bought the drone somewhere around June, because they got it on August 19, 2022, so what we can infer is that it must have been no later than July because drones and all take a decent amount of work to make. And I do mean that the Council of Europe declared that Russia is a terrorist regime, and NATO has declared that they’re starting to send missiles at CIVILIAN TARGETS! All of this just to lose an uphill battle? Good job Oh, the best part about all of the bullcrap Russia is pulling is that they’re going through all of their high-grade weapons and they’ve barely covered any ground. In conclusion, Russia is just a sore loser. LONG LIVE UKRAINE.


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