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A Review of Emily in Paris

If you’re looking for an entertaining program to watch, the newest Netflix sensation Emily In Paris is the show for you — it encapsulates bold fashion choices, romance, and overall drama! 

In the first episode, we are introduced to Emily, our heroine, who moves from Chicago to Paris for one year to provide an American perspective at a marketing firm named Savoir.  Viewers also meet her eclectic bunch of work colleagues, a woman named Mindy who she befriends at a nearby park, and her cute neighbor and up and coming chef, Gabriel.  We also begin to unravel the love/hate relationship between Emily and her new boss, Sylvie, who happens to be in a messy relationship with a married client. Did I mention the client’s wife happens to be Sylvie’s good friend? CUE THE DRAMA!!

Throughout the first season’s ten episodes, we follow Emily through her escapades and experiences in Paris, meeting famous fashion designers and art connoisseurs along the way, in addition to exploring iconic Parisian landmarks, nightlife, and culture (croissants and wine, anyone?!).  But don’t forget the many handsome and romantic men she meets, dates, and kisses!  Each character we are introduced to has his or her own storyline and we get to know Emily’s circle of colleagues and friends better after every episode.

At the beginning of each episode, Emily seems to get herself into crazy, misunderstood, and awkward situations — whether Emily says the wrong thing, wears the wrong wardrobe item, or just ends up in a clash of cultures, according to her boss.  Yet somehow, Emily, with her crafty and creative ideas on social media platforms, ends up setting the situation straight every time.  Emily’s social media following increases from 28 followers to over 20,000 followers over the ten episodes, and her sunshiny positive attitude at Savior manages to rub off on everyone who befriends her. Other designers get to know Emily better through her social media, which is how Emily brings new clients rolling through the door of Savoir.

Did I happen to mention the fashion in each episode?!  Even if you are not into the storylines, at least tune in for the fashion! Between Emily’s berets, purses, shoe choice, and a fabulous jacket collection, you’re sure to enjoy watching Emily’s day-to-day outfits!  Emily also has this neat phone case that looks exactly like a camera … it’s such a trend now that people are selling the camera cases everywhere!

Stay tuned for Season 2 of Emily In Paris (ETA: Fall 2021) !!!


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