Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


A Night at the Opera

Gold laces marble poles, 

A red curtain glides on center stage, 

Soft chatter rings through hallways, 

Tickets torn by each door.

Cherub murals cloud the sky, 

Looming banners of silk, 

Dinging bells announce the night, 

A sudden hush of bright esteem. 

The lights dim down to candle’s glow, 

A bouncing tap to cue some noise, 

The darkened pit began to rumble, 

A spotlight strikes the floor. 

Out steps a figure draped in satin robes, 

With a thunderous soul, 

Words dripping from her mouth, 

As each note tramples along the stage. 

A final sorrowful verse, 

Entrapping the audience as its host, 

Echoing in its chamber for all to hear, 

Begging for the walls to let her sound breakthrough, 

Like an ensemble of ambiance, 

Rippling through heartache and passion of her story, 

It must come to an end, 

And fade into the night. 


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