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Multiple COVID Cases Upon Return of K-6

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well and taking care of themselves during these rough times; following all necessary procedures and protocols like social distancing, washing hands, etc. amidst the pandemic. As it is known, we are supposed to be returning to in-person learning for those of you that have opted in on February 16th. As it is coming up in about two weeks, it’s important that we keep ourselves informed about what is going around close to us and to have knowledge of important information regarding COVID-19. As some or most of you may know, there have been multiple cases of the virus spreading around our community and within the school. This has no doubt been weighing upon each of our decisions to return to school or stay virtual for the rest of the year, but this should not stress us out too much. For a while now the CDC has said that returning to school can be safe if done correctly, and there is no doubt that the school is trying to protect us all. So as some of us return to school we must be cautious and follow all necessary precautions to keep us all safe and to prevent the spread of the virus and spreading it to our loved ones as well. As many of us are returning, we are encouraged to stay safe that way the COVID-19 cases don’t spread and increase. You can find information regarding the spread of COVID-19 on the Montgomery County website, and the school sends out emails regarding COVID-19 information and what students and guardians should be informed of. Be on the lookout for emails and keep yourselves updated! Stay Safe!


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